2015 Degree Project

In my final year of University I created a brief in which I was to produce illustrations and branding symbols for an independent stationery range. I named the range ICU, which was a little bit of an acronym/play on words for ‘I SEE YOU’ which became ‘EYE SEE YOU’ and then became ICU, the eyeball then became a symbol to represent the letter I.                                       The target audience was a broad range from teenagers to what I call ‘fun adults’, which could be anybody over 30 who is a little bit quirky.

The range was made to be colourful and fun. I wanted it to be a collage of individual elements that weren’t gender specific. The initial range of items included Sketchbooks, Pencil Cases, Pencils, Pens, Rulers, Erasers and just all things stationery really. As the project developed so did the range of items which could be included in the range, such as T-Shirts, Tote-bags and even Crockery. Due to financial limitations some items were cut from what I actually produced, but if the range were to go to mass production the most important items for me to be included would be all stationery items and maybe even back-packs, although I must admit that a set of crockery with the designs on would be very cool.

Some of my inspiration came from Buff Monster, Iron Fist Clothing and my overall love for stationery.

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