A Cat Has Nine Lives

In my final year of my HND I wanted to create some form of satirical book. I explored proverbs, fairy tales, other existing cartoons and some unique ideas of my own, looking at how I could put a humorous twist on them, or rather a dark-humorous twist.                                             My main inspirations were Edward Goreys Ghastlycrumb Tinies, Tom Gaulds Small comics and various works by David Shrigley.                                                               Some of my first ideas were Crap-Transformers, robots who transformed in to reliant robins and old microwaves if they managed a full transformation at all, and a fairy-tale concentration camp: the seven dwarves in a chain gang, Rapunzel getting a buzzcut and Tinkerbell suffocating in a jam jar prison. In the end I settled on the saying that a cat has 9 lives, thinking that if they have 9 lives, they have as many deaths.

P.S. I do not hate Cats, Fairy Tales or Transformers.

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